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About Ashworth Concepts

Are you looking for Office Furniture in Perth and not sure where to shop? You have come to the right place.

Are you looking to re-fit your office or business and not sure where to start? You have come to the right place.

Established in 1975, Ashworth Office Concepts manufactures quality Office Furniture Perth for the retail market.

Over several years we have grown into a one-stop-shop for all your shop, commercial, and office fit-outs requirements.

We can manufacture to meet all your requirements.

Our Project management team will take care of office furniture, flooring, walls, and ceilings and then we fill up everything in between, so all you need to do is turn the key and walk-in.

You can be assured we will always complete your project on time and within your budget.

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Core Values

Building on the past. Framing a successful future.

At Ashworth Office Concepts we know that our people are the heart of our success. We’re a team focused on winning, and we know it’s not just what we achieve together, it’s how we achieve it that helps us create value and sustain success. With a foundation of honesty and integrity at the center of our values, we strive to always do the right thing. From maintaining safe and reliable operations to developing insights that benefit our customers to innovating the future, we’re focused on making a difference for the many people who count on us, today . . . and for generations to come.

We aim high. Working together in an inclusive, performance-driven setting, we collaborate for results and coach each other to bring out our personal and collective best for Office Furniture Perth.

Our core values are ingrained in our corporate culture and in the way we do business, and we strive to showcase our values within all of our interactions.

  • Safety & Wellness
    We believe all work-related injuries are preventable, especially when it comes to Office Furniture Perth. We watch out for each other and practice injury-free habits at home and at work, with our Office Fitouts. We make personal choices to promote a healthy lifestyle that includes appropriate work/life balance.
  • Customer Focus
    We earn our customers’ Office Furniture business every day. Our actions are driven by customer insights and helping them create value.
  • Innovation
    We leverage creative market insights and expertise to maintain and grow our competitive advantage with regards to Office Furniture Perth. We create breakthroughs by relentlessly asking “why” and “what if.” We act decisively and accept inherent risks to bring innovative approaches and practical solutions to the Office Furniture Perth market.
  • Performance Driven Team
    We act as owners of the company with a bias for action and a can-do attitude. We contribute our best to the team and accept personal responsibility for our performance and development for Office Furniture Perth.
  • Diversity & Inclusion
    We create an inclusive global culture where everyone can do their best work. We seek out different points of view and engage in conversations to enrich our ability to generate fresh ideas.
  • Sustainability
    We are good stewards of our company, environment, and the world, ensuring our Office Furniture Perth brings us success today and for future generations.
  • Honesty & Integrity
    We are trustworthy in all relationships. Our actions match our words. We do the right thing at all times.
  • We believe in our brand
    We also believe that our values are reflected in our unwavering commitment to our Office Furniture Perth brand. Our brand is centered on innovative approaches and practical solutions.

What Our Happy Customers Say

What We Offer

If the search for new office furniture has brought you to Ashworth Office Concepts, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether your company has a staff of one or 100, you’ll find all the products you need for your business or home office at Perth’s one-stop-shop for office furniture.

And with our caring customer service, design abilities, local delivery, and affordable prices, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better office furniture company. Take a closer look at all we have to offer.


Living in a city as isolated as Perth, you’re all too familiar with waiting ages for delivery when you order products from national stores. And don’t even get us started on the outrageously high delivery fees that come with international shipping. Therefore, you want office furniture that’s made here in Western Australia, not in a far-flung location like the Gold Coast or the United States.

Not only do we make our furniture in a Western Australia postcode, but we’re also a local family business. Ken Ashworth established Ashworth Office Concepts Pty Ltd in the Perth metropolitan area in 1975, and his son Graeme runs the company today. Our expert team consists of local staff and contractors, and we rely on a vast network of Western Australia suppliers.

Bottom line: Ashworth Office Concepts is dedicated to providing Western Australia customers with beautiful furniture, fast delivery times, and friendly service—all at a good price.

Pod Of 6


With more than 40 years of experience in the office furniture business, the Ashworth Office Concepts team has amassed a wealth of product knowledge needed to create high-quality products. “Quality over quantity” is an important mantra for us, and it shows in our high attention to detail and the skill of our tradesmen.

Quality products majorly impact a workspace. In addition to adding practical and aesthetic appeal, well-made office furniture is crucial to your long-term health and safety. Since you’ll spend a large chunk of your life working, your office furniture should be comfortable.

Quality furniture reduces your risk of back and neck strain, which could be debilitating over time. You can’t put a price on your overall well-being.


Ashworth Office Concepts offers an impressive variety of business furniture for sale, including product catalogues from brands like Rapidline and GOP. In particular, we specialise in the following areas:

Office Chairs

The right office chair is a vital aspect of the work environment, and we make every type of chair you could need, including executive chairs, operator chairs, drafting chairs, visitor chairs, and conference chairs with desks attached.

We design all of our chairs to be as ergonomic as possible, providing adequate lumbar support, elbow supports to prevent strain on the neck, and an adjustable seat so that feet can rest comfortably on the floor. Overall, a quality chair promotes good posture, and your employees’ health is worth the price. They’ll appreciate that you kept their best interests in mind.

Office Desks and Tables

Whether you need a corner desk or coffee table, you’ll have no trouble finding what you’re looking for in our assortment of office desks and tables, which include the following and more:

Whichever desk or table you choose, we guarantee it’ll make an impression on anyone who walks into your office.

So Much More

An office is more than a desk and a chair; you need shelving units, filing cabinets, reception counters, lounge seating, and other office supplies like cork boards, screens, and modular wiring. We can also create complex fit-outs for your space using Gyprock walls.

The sky’s the limit at Ashworth Office Concepts, so just tell us what you need and we’ll figure out how to get it done. It’s all part of the service we provide!

Office Design

We don’t just send your office furniture out for delivery and leave you to fend for yourself; our service includes helping you bring your entire vision to life. Our project management team will take care of everything in your office space: the furniture, flooring, walls, ceilings, and everything in between.

When you choose Ashworth Office Concepts for your office design needs, our process begins with an on-site consultation where our specialists will assess your space, discuss your design goals, and work with you to find solutions. The best part? This service is free with no strings attached.

Why Buy from Ashworth Office Concepts?


Because we don’t believe that high-quality office furniture should come at an unaffordable price, we make an effort to provide our customers with attractive pricing that can’t be beat. Our goal is to create furniture at the best price in Western Australia so that you’ll enjoy exceptional value.

Warranty – Duration

We offer warranties on all items, so invaluable peace of mind is included in the price. When you buy one of our products, you know you’re getting something that’s built to last.

Custom Furniture

Your style is unique, so feel free to create the perfect desk or chair by combining your favourite individual components. With our custom upholstery options, colours, and finishes, we’re fully equipped to tailor your office furniture to your specific tastes.

Great Customer Service

Any of our customers would highly recommend our service due to our customer-centric approach. We strive to earn our clients’ office furniture business every day by providing outstanding customer service, which means attending to your every need.

To make sure our clients love their results, we make sure to enact customer service initiatives at every step of the process, including a thorough consultation. We also check in with you after the sale because we genuinely care about building a relationship with you. That’s how customer service should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our store is completely online. While we don’t have physical showrooms for you to visit, you can browse high-resolution images of our products on our website.

Absolutely. It’s a part of our standard process. During your free consultation, we’ll survey the area and take note of all the details of your space.

Once you add the desired items to your shopping cart, click “MY ORDER” and fill out the form to submit your quote. Within 48 hours, a member of our team will contact you to schedule a site visit or phone consultation. Afterward, we’ll send the furniture out for delivery when it’s ready.

We provide delivery to any location in and around Perth. And because we ship from Western Australia, you won’t need to worry about paying a high delivery price.

Most items require basic tools like a screwdriver or hammer for assembly, but don’t worry: we always include instructions. Should you need help assembling your office furniture, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

If you’ve paid for our office design service, professional assembly is included in the price given that we’re already helping you put your space together.

If you have any questions about design, delivery, or any of our furniture, you can email us, call our team at 0412-950-117, or fill out our online contact form. We’ll get in touch with you shortly.

Order from Ashworth Office Concepts in Western Australia today to turn your dream office space into a reality!